And so, it begins…

Finally, after what feels like almost a lifetime in development, we are really pleased to reveal our long-awaited new website.

Some say a website can and should be thrown together in a matter of days – it’s just about getting a ‘presence’ online we hear. But like most things, we take a different view. For us, if something needs to be done and is worth doing, then it needs to be completed as close to what we believe is perfection as possible.

Content is king

Messaging (content) is really important, especially a message about our vision, values and what we are tying to achieve.

Its ok to have that vision in our own minds, but it needs to be clearly translated and communicated so that the rest of the world can also understand it, and can come on the journey with us, if we are to achieve what we set out to achieve.

Some people view concepts and ideas through images, for others it’s through words, so this website had to answer both of those calls and try and tell a powerful story through both. Hopefully we’ve managed to achieve our goal.

So, what next?

From here onwards, we will use this website to share updates of our journey, especially to share our successes and wins. Also, to post comments and views about what’s happening in both society and legislation that might impact (both positively and negatively) the road ahead.

We’d love you to come on this journey with us. So, it would be great if you could check in with us every now and then, come and read what’s going on, or even better, subscribe to our blog updates, to see them first – as soon as they are posted online. If so, drop us a line at: we’d love to hear from you.