Our Story

CJW Property Developments have a long-standing history of building quality ‘people-focused’ properties across Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Our Heritage

We are proud of our heritage. Formed from three generations of developers – not only reflected in our company name, but in the company’s DNA. In our knowledge, ways of working, ethics and beliefs. 

Each new generation bringing with it passion and energy to challenge social norms around property development. And with it, create better places and environments for people to live in. 

Our expertise, attention to detail, and relentless desire for driving innovation, enables us to provide beautiful, modern, sustainable homes, and an enhanced spirit of community within our local areas.

Our Founder

Catherine is a third-generation property developer. Driven by a passion to deliver positive change for society, she has strived to do so her entire corporate life across multiple industries. Now through property development she can work with the highly experienced professional team at CJW to extend that influence further and deeper, to improve communities and help people live in environments that improves their health and well-being – both today, and for tomorrow’s generations.

Our Vision

At CJW we believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. We believe that it is possible to create homes that are beautifully designed, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, which foster healthy living, and put family and community at the heart of everything.

Why I created CJW Property Developments

“Selfishly, I want to be able to enjoy the wonders of ALL the natural world during my lifetime and, play a part in preventing erosion and extinction of land and species for generations that come after me.”

Catherine Armshaw, Founder & Managing Director