Our Solution

We focus on small bespoke property developments – putting great thought and care into how and where people want to live. We concentrate on the location, the design and the make-up of each home. We want to ensure that each one truly meets people’s needs, caters for today’s modern lifestyles, fosters healthy living, are more sustainable, and put family and community at their core.

New-build homes

We look for unused brown field sites and plots of land and develop them into beautiful modern homes using offsite construction methods.

We focus on a flexible design-led approach, with optimised use of light and energy efficiency levels. Whilst an additional focus on air tightness, mechanical ventilation and green spaces, supports enhanced health and well-being.

Repurposed homes

We are all about breathing new life into unused and unloved commercial and light industrial premises.
We redesign and repurpose them to become highly desirable, modern apartments and houses.

Self-build homes

We understand how it feels to want to build your own dream home – something special, unique and truly personalised.

We can support you in several ways to achieve this from; helping to source a build site, house designing (2D drawings and 3D models), supplying true ‘kit’ style structures, to build consultancy.

We can help make the process as enjoyable as possible for you.