Our Mission

CJW are developers with a mission to help deliver modern, sustainably built and health enhancing homes across Cheshire and Greater Manchester. Attention to detail and quality assured, each of our thoughtfully designed and crafted homes, promises to provide a contemporary and relaxing haven, to suit today’s lifestyles.

Shaping housing for
generations to come

At CJW our driving ambition is to deliver a blended mix of warm, welcoming, health and well-being enhancing homes, that reflect and support today’s modern lifestyles. We always take the long-term view to ensure that our projects support and meet the growing needs of our local communities. 

We are all about breathing new life into unused land and commercial properties, turning them into highly desirable, modern, purposeful homes.

Challenging the status quo

The way that we challenge the status quo is by building and converting properties so that they become beautifully designed, energy efficient, health enhancing, sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

A greener shift

We focus on great design, sustainability, new technologies and the use of modern methods of construction techniques as much as possible. 

This enables us to create high performance, energy efficient, and health and well-being enhancing homes. It also enables us to reduce and mitigate the negative impact of construction on both the natural environment and the local community, as much as possible.