The arctic clock is ticking

We’ve all been told time and time again that time is running out. That unless we start to change our current ways of living and lifestyles, we will impose even more devastating consequences on the natural world around us.

This sad and very stark fact was made even more real this month with the release of David Attenborough’s new TV series ‘Frozen Planet 2’ – particularly the second episode.

The sheer majesty and beauty of the snow and ice covered magical white wilderness that are the north and south poles, was played out in front of our eyes. The home to amazing animals such as polar bears, seals, and whales.

Yes, nature can be cruel (from our human perspective away) as everyday life of feeding and survival plays out in front of our eyes. Yes, it makes you wince and want to rush and protect/save every animal that is about to get eaten. But that is the reality of life in the natural world. The circle of life and the magic of the fragile eco system.

13 years and counting

But nothing can prepare you for the stark facts that were shared during the programme. That by 2035, yes just 13 years from now, unless we drastically change our current ways of living, both as a world and as individuals, the polar ice patterns will shift that drastically that there will not be enough ice for these land/ice loving creatures to survive on.

Yes, survival of everyday life as humans is tough, particularly now from an economic perspective. But when are we going to wake up and smell the coffee? When are we going to finally realise that we are singlehandedly damaging the environment and ecosystem around us? And that only we can change things – halt the devastating destruction of the ice caps and protect species for future generations.

Watching the ginormous skyscraping graciers break down into the sea, with the thunderous cracking surrounding them, is a spectacle to behold. But its real. It’s not fiction, it’s a fact. Each one that falls into the sea is individually helping to raise the sea levels.

Increasing world temperatures are forcing sea covering ice glasiers to break up into smaller and smaller fragments. Animals are already finding it harder to live in these environments – having to already change their feeding habits and ways of living.

But as was called out, if we don’t dramatically change our ways of living and stop increasing world temperatures, then these evolving animals’ habits might well cease all together.

The time is now

We have a choice. Each one of us – as individuals and businesses, need to play a part in helping to save our planet and our amazing natural environment and animal kingdom.

At CJW not only are our corporate mission and values grounded around social and environmental sustainability, but our philanthropic activity is too. We are proud that through our work, we help to support the fantastic work of both The Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) and The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society in protecting the fragile environment around us.

What are you doing to help?

If you share our values, beliefs, and mission, why not reach out to us – let’s share a coffee and see how we can collectively make an even bigger difference.

Helping to cool the planet one property at a time.